2021-2022 Board Members

Chairs and Leaders

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled leaders are the backbone of Midwest Taiwanese Biotechnology Association. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible members.

An-Chi Cheng.jpg

An-Chi Cheng

Ph.D. student, University of Florida



Get to Know Us


Yu-Hung Hung
Der-Shyang (Leo) Kao
Ning Taso
Yu-Chun Chiu
Yuan-Chi Chien


An-Chi Cheng
Ho-Wen Yang
Chun-Tien (Jimmy) Kuo

Logistic & Finance

Nai-Hsing Yeh

Chi-Chan Lee

Jou-Yu (Franny) Chen

Yu-Hsuan Chang


Te-Yueh (Derek) Lin
Hao-Wei Chang
Po-Ju Chen
Tien-Hao Chang
Wen-Wei Liang
Wei-Ting Yueh
Bo-Ying Lee
Chun-Tien (Jimmy) Kuo
Chien-Cheng Shih
Der-Shyang (Leo) Kao