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【2023 MTBA Annual Symposium | See You This Weekend!】

【2023 MTBA Annual Symposium | See You This Weekend!】 沒錯、沒錯就是這個週末,準備與您相見👋 大家期待已久的 2023 MTBA 年度研討會將在聖路易華盛頓大學舉辦!現場邀請了橫跨生物醫學界、業界、植物科學、以及心理健康領域的傑出專家,我們熱切期待與各位見面,一同聆聽各界前輩們的寶貴經驗。把握最後會由以下報名連結⬇️ That's right, this weekend is the time! We can't wait to meet you👋 The long-awaited 2023 MTBA Annual Symposium will be held at Washington University in St. Louis! We have invited outstanding experts from the fields of biomedical research, industry, plant science, and mental health. We are excited to meet all of you and listen to the valuable experiences of our esteemed speakers. 2023 MTBS website: MTBA Website: MTBA LinkedIn: MTBA Instagram: MTBA Facebook:

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