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【2023 MTBA Annunal Symposium | Open Registration】

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

【2023 MTBA Annunal Symposium | Open Registration】

大家期待已久的2023 MTBA 年度研討會開放報名啦! 我們將於九月2-3日在聖路易華盛頓大學舉辦這場盛大的年會。今年我們邀請了許多優秀的講者,不僅涵蓋了生物醫學界和業界的科學家們,還有植物科學和心理健康領域的專家!我們熱切期待著各位的加入,與我們一同聆聽這些學界和業界的前輩們分享他們的寶貴經驗。 Registration is now open for the 2023 MTBS! This year's symposium will take place on September 2-3 at Washington University in St. Louis. As always, we have invited a diverse range of highly accomplished speakers from academia and industry. Moreover, we have extended our invitations to professionals not only from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors but also from the fields of plant science and mental health, aiming to foster a more inclusive environment and encourage meaningful discussions. We look forward to welcoming you in St. Louis 2023 MTBS website: MTBA Website: MTBA LinkedIn: MTBA Instagram: MTBA Facebook:

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