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【Becoming a PI in Taiwan and US】

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

【Becoming a PI in Taiwan and US】 好奇成為台灣和美國的實驗室主持人是什麼樣子嗎? 今年的學術專題講座,MTBA邀請了講者們分享在台灣和美國追求獨立實驗室主持人職業生涯會面臨的關卡,並提供寶貴的見解和觀點。講者們也將從多方角度進行討論,包含成為實驗室主持人的條件 (例如學位和研究經驗)、專業化和及時掌握領域內最新進展的重要性、研究資金和合作在促進學術成功中的角色、強調跨學科方法的必要性、以及在兩個國家的學術領域中所面臨的挑戰以及採用的策略。 本學術專題講座也將開啟台灣和美國文化和制度差異的對話,為有志成為實驗室主持人的聽眾介紹不同的選擇和支援系統,並成為與會者知識分享與人脈擴展的平台。 歡迎大家來現場參加這一次的討論,請從以下連結報名 Curious about what it's like to become a Principal Investigator in Taiwan and US? This year's MTBS academic panel invites speakers to share insights and perspectives on the challenges faced when pursuing a career as an PI in both Taiwan and US. The speakers will engage in comprehensive discussions, including the qualifications required to become a laboratory director (such as degrees and research experience), the importance of specialization and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field, the role of research funding and collaboration in fostering academic success, the necessity of interdisciplinary approaches, and the challenges and strategies employed in the academic fields of both countries. This academic panel also aims to initiate a dialogue on the cultural and institutional differences between Taiwan and US, introducing different choices and support systems for individuals aspiring to become PI and creating a platform for attendees to share knowledge and expand their professional networks. 2023 MTBS website: MTBA website: MTBA LinkedIn: MTBA Instagram: MTBA Facebook:

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