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【Letter from MTBA Co-presidents】

Dear MTBA’s Friends,

We hope your December starts off great! We would like to thank you for your continuous supports for MTBA and we want to introduce 2022-2023 MTBA leadershipboard.


陸芮嫻 (Jui-Hsien (Rita) Lu) Bioinformatics Analyst, Washington University in St. Louis

蕭毅 (Yi (Leo) Hsiao) PhD candidate, University of Michigan


簡元琦 (Yuan-Chi Chien) Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University

張智鈞 (Chih-Chun Chang) PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin–Madison


郭俊廷 (Chun-Tien (Jimmy) Kuo) Scientist, Regeneron

張育瑄 (Yu-Hsuan Chang) Ph.D. Candidate, Washington University in St. Louis


邱宇君 (Yu-Chun Chiu) Postdoctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

許維琛 (Wei-Chen (Iris) Sheu) Integrated Media Strategist, WITHIN


黃小耘 (Shiao-Yun (Jocelyn) Huang) DPT student, Washington University in St. Louis

張育嘉 (Yu-Chia Chang) PhD candidate, Washington University in St. Louis


陳羚 (Ling (Esther) Chen)

This year, the MTBA leadership board honors diversity in gender, occupation, and experiences. We firmly believe that everyone has their own space in MTBA, and everyone brings unique domain knowledge and life experience to the table. MTBA is a better place with everyone on the board and MTBA will always strive to be an inclusive organization for everyone. We sincerely hope that you can also join us along this journey regardless of which life stage you are currently at, and we hope to see you here joining us in the following year.


Rita Lu and Yi Hsiao

Co-presidents of Midwest Taiwanese Biotechnology Association

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