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【Life in a Biotech Startup and Big Pharma】

【Life in a Biotech Startup and Big Pharma】 歡迎加入MTBS 業界專題討論,本次主題為「生技新創和大型製藥的比較」。我們將深入討論兩者的不同,讓與會者有機會獲得獨特的產業見解。發現在生技新創和藥廠中的挑戰和機會。本專題講者由生技新創和製藥公司的專業人士組成,將分享他們的個人經歷,提供來自業界的寶貴見解。了解生技新創和大型製藥領域的文化、職業軌跡和科學家們的學習曲線。無論您是學生、研究人員,還是對生物科技和製藥感到好奇,這個專題討論內容豐富可以拓寬您的視野。我們將進行深度的討論,並提出引人入勝的問題。不要錯過這個獨特的機會來獲取對新創和藥廠相關的了解。 歡迎大家來現場參加這一次的討論,請從以下連結報名: Join us for an insightful industry panel discussion on "Life in a Biotech Startup and Big Pharma" and gain a unique perspective in career choices. Discover the challenges and opportunities that await in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our expert panelists, consisting of professionals from startups and pharmaceutical companies, will share their personal journeys, providing invaluable insights into the dynamic nature of these sectors. Learn about the culture, career trajectories, and the learning curve of scientists in both biotech and big pharma. Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply curious about the biotech and pharma, this panel is an informative event that can broaden your horizons. We will have thought-provoking discussions with intriguing questions. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insider knowledge. 2023 MTBS website: MTBA Website: MTBA LinkedIn: MTBA Instagram: MTBA Facebook:

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