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November webinar

How do I combine interests in biology and computer science ?

How do I find an engineer job in the biology field ?

If you are interested in the above questions, join us for our November webinar !

In the November webinar, we are happy to invite Tzu-Ching Wu to share his exciting journey with us. As an algorithm engineer, Tzu-Ching leverage his training in both biology and computer science to design basic workflows of software and guide software engineers to construct user-friendly tools for biologists. In the webinar, Tzu-Ching will share his job hunting experience and how he combined two different training together.

[ How do I find an engineer position in the biology field ]

Panelist: Tzu-Ching Wu (

Time : Nov 15th 21:00 - 22:00 CDT

Limited seats only !! Register now to reserve your seat !

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