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November webinar

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Our next MTBA webinar is around the corner! Let's check out the brief speaker introduction prepared by Der-Shyang (Leo) Kao.

The current trends in both academia and industries are both multidisciplinary. Therefore, our job opportunities are not just limited by our educational backgrounds. Our panelist in the November webinar, Dr. Tzu-Ching (George) Wu, is an excellent example in the multidisciplinary work. George's research in Purdue is focused on developing image processing algorithms applied in developmental biology studies, and he received several algorithm development related job offers before his graduation. Now George is the algorithm engineer to develop and implement algorithms in live-cell imaging system. What's the difference between R&D position and doing research in academia? What good jobs are suitable for me in the US besides the Biotech and pharmaceutical factories? In this webinar, George will share how to make good preparations for your future career in PhD period, and how to become a strong competitor in the US industry by combining the biology training with multidisciplinary skills. Want to know more about his experience in his career? Do not miss our MTBA webinar in November!

Title: MTBA webinar: How do I find an engineer position in biology field

Host: Hao-Wei Chang, Chien-Cheng Shih

Panelists: Tzu-Ching Wu

Speaker introduction: Der-Shyang (Leo) Kao

Language: Traditional chinese

Time: 11/15 21:00 CST

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